A new startup is turning the meal kit industry on its head with its international concept, and it’s expanding food access and supporting small businesses and farmers in the process. …

IOTA expressed that a new version of their open source software library to protect any digital secret is out with guarantees about API, client logic, and snapshot format. Reportedly, IOTA stronghold is now qualified for a full external audit.

For clarity, per the IOTA blog, Strong Hold is an open-source…

The Jaguar Land Rover ‘Smart Wallet’ technology utilizes the IOTA Tangle for data and value transfer and has already been equipped on several research vehicles including F-PACE and Range Rover Velar models.

The integrated smart car wallet enables the vehicle to not only earn money and make micropayments for services…

IOTA is a Directed-Acyclic Graph (DAG) called The TANGLE. It is not a blockchain like Bitcoin & Ethereum. IOTA is capable of fast, feeless and scalable value and data transactions. Scalable smart contract, tokenised assets and encrypted data streams will also be available on IOTA.

Companies with IOTA patents:

Mastercard, HP, Sony, BankofAmerica, Ford, TMobile, Adobe, AlibabaGroup, Audi, Jaguar, LandRover, Intel, Siemens, BoschGlobal, MercedesBenz, AmexBusiness, DellTech, BMW, VWGroup, Fujitsu_Global, Panasonic Huawai.

The migration to #Chrysalis is approaching fast! Check out the recent update from IOTA here - https://blog.iota.org/iota-research-status-updatefebruary-2021/

IOTA aims be the platform for the machine to machine economy. Tangle has no soft or hard fork capabilities. It has distributed consensus and has something similar to hash cash for proof of work. It has features such as offline capability and quantum scalability.

IOTA Foundation

Luke Timmins, Plymouth

Luke Timmins

Living between Plymouth and Thailand. Cryptocurrency investor since 2016.

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